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Cho Hee Shrader

A Spatially Explicit Social Network Approach to Characterize Correlates of Immigration Stress and Drug Use Density on Latino MSM Geographic Accessibility to PrEP Services in Miami
Oral Presentation
Ph.D. in Prevention Science and Community Health
Miami-Dade County (MDC), the county where UM is located, is the epicenter of the HIV epidemic. The CDC estimates that one in five Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) will be diagnosed with HIV by age 50. Approximately 70% of 2.8 million MDC residents identify as Latino. While HIV rates are steady or decreasing in the US, HIV infection rates recently increased for LMSM. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily pill which prevents the transmission of HIV. Immigration stress and drug use have been found to affect HIV preventive program uptake. However, the role of immigration stress and drug use on geographic accessibility among Latino MSM access to PrEP is understudied. In this presentation, we present a newly designed spatially explicit social network approach to characterize associations of drug use density on Latino MSM geoaccessibility to PrEP services. This study analyzes 148 drug-use regions drawn on a digital map by 140 LMSM PrEP candidates. Data was collected between October 2018 – November 2019. A community partner recruited LMSM using sociocentric network approaches. Addresses of PrEP providers in MDC were geocoded (data from PrEPlocator.org). Network analysis identified accessibility to service areas (travel distance) for walking and driving. We used SPSS to find measures of association. Our findings suggest that our spatially explicit social network analysis can help identify opportunities for designing synergistic substance abuse and PrEP interventions. Future PrEP-uptake interventions should focus on enhancing geoaccessibility through interventions tailored towards drug use prevention and treatment.

Additional author(s): Mariano Kanamori, Justin Stoler, Susanne-Doblecki Lewis, Adam Carrico, John Skvoretz