Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium 2020 has ended
avatar for Brianna Almeida

Brianna Almeida

Understanding What Structures Fungal Soil Communities Across Tree Islands
Poster Presenter #8
avatar for Omar Aloui

Omar Aloui

Cellular Morphogenesis of Self-Stressed Frameworks and Tensegrity Structures
Oral Presentation
avatar for Olivia Altamirano

Olivia Altamirano

Risk and Resiliency Factors Related to Dementia Caregiver Mental Health
Ted-like Talk
avatar for Daisy Buzzoni

Daisy Buzzoni

Hard Graft: A Novel Field-Based Method of Vectoring Thermotolerant Durusdinium trenchii Symbionts into Massive Coral Colonies
Oral Presentation
avatar for Lino Cappelli

Lino Cappelli

Effect of Pedaling Technique Feedback on Efficiency and Power Output During a 20km Cycling Time Trial
Poster Presenter #21
avatar for Victor Rubio Carrillo

Victor Rubio Carrillo

Societal Values and their Representation in Children’s Musical Preferences
Oral Presentation
avatar for Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Practical Time Averaging of Nonlinear Dynamics with Application to Plasticity from Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Poster Presenter #36
avatar for Weiying Chen

Weiying Chen

The Relationship Between Academic Performance and Internalizing Symptoms among Boys Experiencing Child Sexual Abuse
Poster Presenter #13
avatar for Katrina Celis Delgado

Katrina Celis Delgado

Single-nucleus RNA Sequencing Analysis of Alzheimer Disease Brains from APOE4 Carriers with African or European Local Genomic Ancestry surrounding APOE Gene Demonstrates Differences in APOE Expression
Oral Presentation
avatar for Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie Diaz

The Influence of Differing Water and Shade Abundances and Distributions on the Foraging Success of Water-Dependent Herbivores
Poster Presenter #1
avatar for Maya Elias

Maya Elias

Higher Ratios of Daytime-to-Nighttime Activity are Associated with Cognitive Function among Older Adult ICU Survivors
Ted-like Talk
avatar for Amr Elsawy

Amr Elsawy

Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology
Poster Presentation #6
avatar for Leah Davis Ewart

Leah Davis Ewart

Polysubstance Patterns in Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV who Use Methamphetamine
Oral Presentation
avatar for Alejandra Fernandez

Alejandra Fernandez

Preliminary Evidence for a Family Functioning Screening Tool
Oral Presentation
avatar for Juliano Tiburcio de Freitas

Juliano Tiburcio de Freitas

The Role of Notch1 in Regulatory T Cell Function
PosterPresenter #22
avatar for SeyedMohammadReza Ghiasian

SeyedMohammadReza Ghiasian

Enhancing Shoreline Protection through the Morphogenesis of an Efficient and Ecofriendly Seawall System
Oral Presentation
avatar for Morgan Gianola

Morgan Gianola

Characterizing the Influences of Language and Cultural Identity on Pain Responses in Spanish-English Bilinguals
Poster Presenter #17
avatar for Melanie Christina Goergmaier

Melanie Christina Goergmaier

EU-US Trade War: Transatlantic Policy Impact
Oral Presentation
avatar for Antonio Sanchez Gonzalez

Antonio Sanchez Gonzalez

Clinical Phenotypes, Assessment, and Practice Recommendations for Delirium in Stroke Patients
Poster Presenter #14
avatar for Jessica Hersh

Jessica Hersh

Peptide-functionalized Dendrimer Nanocarriers Demonstrating Enhanced Microdystrophin Gene Delivery to Skeletal Muscle Cells
Poster Presenter #5
avatar for Hsuan-Ting Huang

Hsuan-Ting Huang

Age-Related Downregulation Of Lmna Impacts Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Function
Poster Presenter #29
avatar for Placido Illiano

Placido Illiano

Astroglial TNFR2 Signaling Regulates Learning and Memory
Poster Presenter #30
avatar for Khadeja Khan

Khadeja Khan

Difference of prevalence of ALK mutation in Hispanic vs Non-Hispanic patients with Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)
Poster Presentation
avatar for Carolien Kraan

Carolien Kraan

Lessons for Managed Retreat from FEMA Property Buyouts and Post-buyout Relocations
Oral Presentation
avatar for Alexander Kula

Alexander Kula

Evolutionary Rescue from a Wave of Biological Invasion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Oral Presentation
avatar for Lauren Kupis

Lauren Kupis

Brain Dynamics in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Poster Presenter #35
avatar for Stanislav Lazopulo

Stanislav Lazopulo

Color Preference in Fruit Flies Drosophila melanogaster Requires Visual and Peripheral Photoreceptors and Depends on the Time of Day
Oral Presentation
avatar for Ceewin Louder

Ceewin Louder

Exploring Mental Health of Ethnically Diverse Black Women
Poster Presenter #7
avatar for Alyssa Lozano

Alyssa Lozano

Predictors of E-Cigarette Use among Hispanic Sexual Minority Youth: A Moderated Mediation Model of Depression and Parent Support
Oral Presentation
avatar for David McMillan

David McMillan

Dietary Fat Metabolism is Impaired due to Hormonal Deficiency in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
Oral Presentation
avatar for Emmanuel Medrano

Emmanuel Medrano

Mechanosensory Feedback Regulates Egg-Laying Circuit Activity and Behavior of C. elegans
Oral Presentation
avatar for Marisol Meyer

Marisol Meyer

Exploring Global Prejudice in Children: Who Do Kids Hold Prejudice Against and How Can We Find Out?
Poster Presenter #38
avatar for Keenan Mintz

Keenan Mintz

Preparation of Red Emissive Carbon Dots to Optimize their Applications
Poster Presenter #32
avatar for Emily Montgomerie

Emily Montgomerie

Focus Group Needs Assesment to Inform Weight Management Interventions for Women Living With HIV in an Urban HIV Clinic
Poster Presenter #33
avatar for Nima Hosseinzadeh Nanehkaran

Nima Hosseinzadeh Nanehkaran

Synergistic Effects of Air Content and Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Reducing Damage in Concrete Exposed to High Concentrations of CaCl2 and Freeze-Thaw Cycles
Poster Presenter #43
avatar for Amanda Ferreira Neves

Amanda Ferreira Neves

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy on a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Poster Presentation #25
avatar for Eva Nyvltova

Eva Nyvltova

New Insights into the Pathway of Copper Delivery to Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit COX1 in Human Mitochondria
Poster Presentation #20
avatar for Oded Oron

Oded Oron

Molecular Characterization of the Impact Local Ancestry has on ApoE Functionality
Poster Presenter #16
avatar for Hong Weng Pang

Hong Weng Pang

Identification and Characterization of Mitoribosome Interactome
Poster Presenter #9
avatar for German Farinas Perez

German Farinas Perez

MiR-MRNA Target Prediction using Deep Learning
Poster Presentation #4
avatar for Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson

Bringing Microbes into the Light: Dosage Measurement of Rose Bengal Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (RB-PDAT) for Treatment of Corneal Infections
Ted-like Talk
avatar for Ashish Rehni

Ashish Rehni

Prior exposure to recurrent hypoglycemia in treated diabetic rats enhances post-ischemic ER stress via increased acidosis and free radical-production
Poster Presenter #26
avatar for Sherwin Notorio Reyes

Sherwin Notorio Reyes

A Bioluminescence Based Assay for the Simple and Rapid Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection
Poster Presenter #24
avatar for John Sebastiani

John Sebastiani

Regulation of Peripheral Serotonin Dynamics in the Gulf Toadfish (Opsanus beta)
Poster Presenter #41
avatar for Afton Seeley

Afton Seeley

Serially-Applied Ischemic Preconditioning Mediation of Cardiopulmonary Compensations and Oxygen Kinetics during Exercise at Simulated High Altitude
Oral Presentation
avatar for Sijan Sharma

Sijan Sharma

Adaptation in Spatially Structured Population of Recombining and Non-recombining Population of Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Poster Presenter #15
avatar for Sameena Sheikh

Sameena Sheikh

A Systematic Review on Interventions for Managing a Symptom Cluster (Pain, Fatigue, and Sleep Disturbances) During Cancer Survivorship
Oral Presentation
avatar for Mengxi Shen

Mengxi Shen

Imaging of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy with Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Before and After Treatment with Vascular Endothelial Growth Inhibitors
Oral Presentation
avatar for Cho Hee Shrader

Cho Hee Shrader

A Spatially Explicit Social Network Approach to Characterize Correlates of Immigration Stress and Drug Use Density on Latino MSM Geographic Accessibility to PrEP Services in Miami
Oral Presentation
avatar for Rachel Skubel

Rachel Skubel

The Impacts of Temperature and Oxygen on Sharks’ Hematological and Stress Response Indicators at Capture
Poster Presenter #10
avatar for Lei Sun

Lei Sun

The Harvey Experience: A Phenomenological Study on the Impact, Posttraumatic Growth, and Community Recovery after Hurricane Harvey
Poster Presenter #12
avatar for Sze Kiat Tan

Sze Kiat Tan

VHL-Dependent Metabolic Plasticity in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Mediated by Chemerin-Driven Suppression of Fatty Acid Oxidation
Poster Presenter #42
avatar for Xianzun Tao

Xianzun Tao

Modulating Polyamine Metabolism to Extend Lifespan and Protect against Tauopathy
Oral Presentation
avatar for Chloe Taub

Chloe Taub

The Effects of a Randomized Trial of Brief Forms of Stress Management on RAGE-associated S100A8/A9 in Patients with Breast Cancer undergoing Primary Treatment
Poster Presenter #27
avatar for Alba Timon-Gomez

Alba Timon-Gomez

Role of the Hypoxia-Inducible Factors HIGD1A and HIGD2A in the Assembly of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complexes and Supercomplexes
Oral Presentation
avatar for Haylee Trulson

Haylee Trulson

Rescue of Inactive Acetylcholinesterase by Active Site-Directed Inhibitors in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Poster Presenter #2
avatar for Lynee Turek-Hankins

Lynee Turek-Hankins

Analyzing Equity Oriented Climate Adaptation for Extreme Heat in California Communities
Poster Presenter #39
avatar for Babak Vafaei

Babak Vafaei

Effect of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)s Reinforced with Nano-Silica on Concrete
Poster Presenter #23
avatar for Neda Vishlaghi

Neda Vishlaghi

Dicer- and BSC-dependent miRNAs Exhibit Cellular Specificity and Balance during Murine Anagen Development
Poster Presenter #37
avatar for Xiaoan Wu

Xiaoan Wu

Molecular Mechanism of Cardiac Arrhythmias-associated IKs Channels
Poster Presenter #3
avatar for Hilary Yip

Hilary Yip

A Rhythmic Cueing in Martial Arts Protocol for the Motor Skills of Children with Autism: An Exploratory Pilot Study
Oral Presentation
avatar for Breanna Zavadoff

Breanna Zavadoff

Dynamic Modulators of European Atmospheric Rivers
Oral Presentation
avatar for Guangyu Zeng

Guangyu Zeng

How Do Infants React to Strangers? Gaze Aversion, Pupil Dilation, and Temperamental Fear in Early Infancy
Oral Presentation
avatar for Yi Zhu

Yi Zhu

Mechanistic Link between Neurodegeneration and Cancer: The Regulatory Role of Nmnat in Protein Homeostasis and Metabolic Balance
Poster Presenter #34